case study: Nestlé

Nestlé leverages Kollective to give over 180,000 of their employees a voice, enabling internal communications and collaboration with no impact on the network.

In January 2012, Nestlé implemented a world class internal portal, powered by Microsoft SharePoint as their company intranet. Kollective’s integration with SharePoint has allowed Nestlé to create a tab within SharePoint for employees to access internal video content easily. In April 2012, Nestlé employees were granted the right to upload and share their own video content via the intranet.

Extending the Reach of Video

Thanks to the Kollective success story, Nestlé is now exploring ways to extend the delivery of internal video even further – empowering employees to run their own live events, rolling Kollective out across iOS and Android mobile devices and integrating Kollective with end-user tools such as Chatter.

“One of Kollective’s strengths is their team spirit and quality of support at all levels. They are very responsive. We are not considered customers, but part of a big team.

– Geneviève Reymond, Senior Specialist (Collaboration & Mobility) Digital Service Unite – Nestlè