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Kollective for Endpoint Manager Makes Life Easier

Kollective leverages a cloud-native architecture and peer-to-peer technology to deliver Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) content across your existing network faster, more reliably and with less effort

Smarter Software Delivery

Automatic network load balancing, self-optimized delivery, adaptive failure recovery, metrics and monitoring allow you to see your success.

Solve the challenges of the remote office

It has never been more challenging to manage an enterprise workforce from a desktop perspective. Kollective for Endpoint Manager gives you the visibility and peace of mind that your packages have been delivered.

You will no longer be:
  • Limited by bandwidth
  • Managing network boundary groups
  • Shipping hardware to remote locations
  • Dealing with the headache of International Customs
  • Performing remote server management and maintenance
  • Having angry end-users

Results that Make Software Delivery Easier

Kollective for Endpoint Manager combines the scale and flexibility of the cloud, along with the efficiency of peer-to-peer technology to successfully deliver software to your remote offices.

With Kollective for Endpoint Manager you can enjoy:
  • 70% faster deployments
  • 25% less time spent on desktop management
  • Up to 99% of bandwidth saved
  • Up-to-date patch compliance
  • No software delivery IT-support tickets
  • 100% confidence

Lo que diferencia nuestra solución de otras

Basado en la nube

Cloud Native

Offers the flexibility to scale and adapt to your organization.

Análisis inteligente


Provides greater efficiency across you network.

Reducción de infraestructura

Utilizes Existing Bandwidth

No additional hardware required; uses the bandwidth you have today.

Hear What some of our customers have to say

“Remote office workers are no longer treated like second-class citizens.”

“We went from two cans and a string to set it and forget it!”…..”we let things (software updates) fly as they come in!”

  • No setup or management of network boundaries
  • No throttling your software delivery to accommodate the network
  • No trade-off decisions on which packages to deliver

“Some patches are more important than others (March 2020 - Critical video security update). If the CIO is nervous and wants the patch done ASAP, we can show penetration numbers as it happens and prove it’s growing fast. Updates are done in 2 days vs over a week and a half. And if there’s an error, we know exactly which machines to address.”

Monitoring and Insights through Real-time Analytics

  • See the status of your network and software deliveries in real-time
  • Identify issues as they occur and drill down to individual endpoints to address them quickly
  • Share delivery status and reports for critical updates

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