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How Kollective for Endpoint Manager Works

Kollective is the leading cloud-based content delivery solution for Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM):

  • Industry leading Intelligent peer-to-peer technology
  • Content delivery of all MEM content types
  • Full OSD lifecycle support (PXE & WinPE)

Kollective Reduces Bandwidth to Accelerate MEM Deliveries

Kollective integrates with MEM to efficiently deliver content of all types, including boot images to PXE booting clients. Kollective eliminates the need for remote Distribution Points and leverages a cloud-native architecture to work around network constraints and intelligently distributes bandwidth-heavy content to remote machines. Once a single copy is downloaded from the cloud, local copies are shared across the Local Area Network (LAN) via our leading peer delivery mesh.

Intelligent Peering Powers Automated Network Topology Mapping

Other software delivery products require manual and painstaking effort to map complex network topologies and define peering groups. Kollective does this automatically. A combination of Kollective’s agent and cloud service technologies work together to determine the best delivery experience for any network topology. Kollective’s agent uses different network introspection techniques such as trace routes, hop counts and latency checks to dynamically map to the best delivery experience.

Kollective Flow Optimization

Kollective Delivery Protocol (KDP) is designed to ensure that high-quality peering is achieved for all content payloads. It systematically monitors network availability throughputs to harvest available bandwidth for efficient content delivery.

(Without Kollective)

  • Hard limits configured to minimize background traffic
  • Does not avoid congestion; potential to impact business traffic
  • Long update cycles
  • Off-hours scheduling

(With Kollective)

  • Preemptively manages network congestion; no affect to business traffic
  • Harvests available bandwidth
  • Faster updates cycle
  • Allows updates during the day

End-to-End OSD Lifecycle Support

Kollective streamlines and automates your existing Operating System Deployment (OSD) processes, providing an end-to-end lifecycle. From bare metal machines to post-deployment analytics and monitoring, you’ll have a complete view of your OSD lifecycle.

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