60% bandwidth savings across all deployments was achieved

Over the past 6 months we have handled ~115 Terabytes of content flow via Kollective and 69 Terabytes have been offset from the WAN.”

Customer Quote

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this retail and consumer goods customer turned to Kollective to optimize Microsoft Teams Live Events delivery to their 20,000 employees. Early conversations revealed that Kollective’s ECDN could also help reduce Configuration Manager distribution points and improve the Modern Desktop. Kollective consolidated their video and software delivery into a single platform, enabling this client to reduce bandwidth consumption and scale deployments across their network.


  • Customer needed to deploy content at scale to remote and onsite employees spanning 6 continents and 50 countries
  • 100 on-premise distribution points made content deployment challenging for network administrators
  • Regional bandwidth limitations prevented the organization from scaling the delivery of large content packages


  • Kollective’s cloud-based peer-to-peer technology was quickly deployed to deliver content at scale, reduce network congestion, and protect critical workstreams
  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager administration was drastically simplified by removing site boundary management
  • Kollective ECDN scaled customer deployments outside traditional network boundaries to deliver content to any location without additional network investment


  • Customer is offsetting Azure data egress costs by leveraging the Kollective cloud
  • Organization delivered over 700 unique files, equaling more than 655,000 total packages delivered across 20,000 agents
  • Customer is now serving content to both internal and external devices, alleviating the impact on VPN saturation