Preparing your network with eCDN for the hybrid office

Ideas, information and inspiration from NTT

The global pandemic has massively increased the use of virtual events and the various providers have learnt and developed over the last 18 months. Users have also had different experiences with the various platforms and solutions which has resulted in higher expectations of what a “good” virtual event should be. A stable network connection is now an expectation, have you thought about the impact of running a hybrid event on your network when you return to the office?

In this webinar NTT together with Kollective Technology, will cover the challenges in the field of virtual events and how eCDN can help your organisation. You’ll get an insight into what’s happening in the market and the changing world of work. We’ll show you how to act quickly and respond efficiently, making good use of existing technology, secure your network, saving your IT budget and show you what it takes to make your virtual events distinctive and stand out from the crowd.

VOD coming soon.