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Observabilidad de la colaboración en video

Vea más, aproveche más. Convierta la información estratégica en ganancias de negocio al descubrir y priorizar lo que es más importante para su organización en tiempo real.

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The most relevant network data quickly accessed in user-friendly dashboards.

Drill-down to surface detailed user-level data.

AI-powered suggestive analytics provide recommendations to optimize network performance.

Access event data in real time as your event unfolds.

What is Video Collaboration Observability?

Video Collaboration Observability is rooted in the philosophy, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” In other words, better network monitoring and observability drives better delivery. Kollective’s Video Collaboration Observability platform is comprised of four key components: Data, Insights, Actions, Live (DIAL).

End User Experience Drives

Modern enterprises are transforming at a record pace. What was once entirely within your business’s control now extends beyond the traditional corporate perimeter. Your workers are more distributed than ever, making it difficult to guarantee optimal video experiences for each employee. To ensure employee productivity across your organization, a fresh approach to video monitoring is essential – one that offers comprehensive visibility from user endpoints to any video front-end solution. Experience the new era of employee engagement and operational efficiency with unparalleled video observability from Kollective.

Monitoreo de usuarios en tiempo real

Rapidly identify and resolve network issues as they arise and before they escalate with Real-Time User Monitoring. Receive automatic alerts from live event data flowing directly into diagnostic dashboards. Observe key Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics along with deep content insights and trend analysis that eliminates manual monitoring and surface-level analytics.

Análisis de tendencias de ubicación

Investigate performance patterns effortlessly across your network from the highest level trends to individual locations and users. Collaboration barriers often lurk subsurface, but left undetected they arise when least expected and are difficult to dig into. Location Trend Analysis does the heavy lifting for you to unleash next-level network performance.

Automatic Anomaly Detection

Remove the guesswork from network optimization. Receive automatic warnings from trained algorithms when abnormal network activities occur. Fortify your network against delivery obstacles through intelligent diagnostics that continuously improve video collaboration.

Kollective Insights Home

The Top Five Benefits of Video Collaboration Observability Over Traditional Video Delivery Analytics

1. Links video observations to business outcomes including improved network capacity planning
2. Delivers deeper insights and the ability to detect and solve root causes of problems
3. Provides real-time and early warnings of network anomalies
4. Works across dispersed locations and multiple video collaboration applications
5. Constantly improves video equity and end-user experience across the enterprise

La opinión de nuestros clientes


“This is certainly one of the best programs of work that I’ve ever been involved with in my 25 years of working in healthcare IT.”

Director de sistemas de información, Organización del cuidado de la salud


“Antes de Kollective, la lentitud de nuestra parte era algo muy común”.

Network Engineer, Telecommunications


“Kollective is very network friendly. We are able to reach every user in remote locations without investing in hardware.”

Arquitecto de red, Organización global de fabricación

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