Case study: Schneider electric (27 partners)

This case study details how Kollective and 27partners joined forces to help Schneider Electric deliver its annual Partner Event using live video.

“A key benefit of Kollective’s technology is that it can be deployed quickly and with Kollective we already knew we could confidently stream high quality video to all of our employees and external partners reliably, without it impacting the network. We also knew we had the opportunity to adapt the technology to meet our requirements. Having live polls added to the overall experience and we received great feedback from employees about ‘having a voice’ on the day of the event,”

– Olivier Giry, Digital Event Infrastructure & Solutions, Schneider Electric.


Schneider Electric wanted to cut down on the travel costs associated with bringing together all of their partners from around the world and host a live video event instead.


Schneider used the Kollective SD ECDN for video delivery along with Kontiki Webcaster for their webcasting solution. Digital consultants, 27partners, managed the implementation of the Kollective solution and advised Schneider Electric on enhancing the communication processes to deliver an immersive live event.


Read the case study to find out more about the features used for this event and its success from the attendees’ perspective.