In today’s world of highly distributed workforces, live events are essential to maintaining enterprise communications -they give you an opportunity to deliver important messages at scale, create an inclusive environment and make collaboration more accessible than ever before.

After your company hosts a live event, how do you know if your video reached the right people – and what the quality of experience was for the viewer? Only an advanced analytics platform like Kollective IQ can tell you that.


In-depth analytics like reach score, average view duration, quality of experience (QoE score), peering efficiency and bandwidth savings help you gain insight into user trends and satisfaction, leading to a better live event experience for your organization. Customizable analytics dashboards give you the insights you need to improve your understanding of live event performance and take your analytics to the next level.


Not all enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) platforms are created equal, especially when it comes to analytics. Do you know who watched your last Microsoft 365 Live Video event? What the quality of experience was? Where they were located? When they accessed the content? With Kollective IQ, you do.

It’s more important than ever to know your virtual events are reaching every member of the workforce, but if you’re relying on standard reporting dashboards, you may not be getting the full picture. Take a look at the analytics capabilities of standard Microsoft 365 Live Events reporting compared to Kollective IQ’s analytics dashboard:


  • Participantes
  • Hora de inicio
  • Estado del evento
  • Organizador
  • Presentadores
  • Productores
  • Recording
  • Tipo de producción


  • Calidad de la experiencia (evento y usuario)
  • Unique Views by Region
  • Bandwidth & Peering Scores
  • Vistas por aplicación/plataforma/navegador
  • Network Region
  • Bitrate by User
  • Duración de la reproducción por usuario
  • Aggregate Trending
  • Red
  • Performance (Aggregate & Region)
  • Delivery Metrics (Subnet & Region)
  • Custom Metrics & Dashboards


When you utilize Kollective IQ’s analytics dashboard, you have access to network data and event insights you can act on, like QoE score and regional viewership. Plus, Kollective IQ’s dashboards are customized to your workflow, making it easy to ship data when and where you need it.

Quality of Experience (QoE) Score: A holistic look at the viewer’s experience including time spent displaying video, relative to the total time spent both displaying video and buffering. The QoE score quantifies the quality of a live event and is used to gain deeper knowledge of live event and network performance. If a user has a low QoE score, Kollective IQ can be used to identify that person and send them a video recap of the live event. Having access to your employees’ QoE score allows you to leverage live events insights to improve employee engagement.

Unique Views by Region: A simplified way to monitor the movement of your workforce and gain insight on where/when they consume video. This tool can give you both a high-level view of users by region and a more granular lens on how the individual consumed your Microsoft 365 Live Event. It also allows global enterprises the opportunity to see how messaging is received globally.

Custom Dashboards: Analytics dashboards customized to your work flow. Imagine this, after your company hosts a Microsoft 365 Live Event, your VP of Communications wants you to generate a report to send to the CEO about how many people viewed your event in a specific office or region – no problem. Creating custom metrics, visualizations and dashboards is easy with Kollective IQ. In addition to standard workflows, you can choose which data sets to highlight, so you can save reports to your own personal workspace or share within the organization.

Get Better Insights into Your Microsoft 365 Live Events

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