When it comes to enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) analytics, not all platforms are created equal. Some only surface high-level insights; others limit the data you have access to; many make it difficult to find the metrics that matter. Not Kollective IQ. We provide the deepest and most user-friendly insights into enterprise video streaming and software delivery on the market.

Let's walk through a few of the reporting features that make Kollective IQ a cut above the rest.

Custom Dashboards, Reports & Visualizations

Kollective IQ is designed with intuitive, out-of-the-box user workflows that make it easy for you to find the information that is most important to your role, whether you’re a communications professional, SCCM manager, network administrator or event producer. But the insights don’t stop there – Kollective IQ makes it simple to create custom dashboards, reports and visualizations.

  • Need to report on content deliveries in Hong Kong to your CTO?
  • Does your CEO like to know the metrics tied to their latest All Hands broadcast?
  • Is it imperative you receive immediate insight into security patch deployments?

Kollective IQ makes all your reporting needs possible – you can even deliver locality-specific analytics.

Locality-Specific Analytics

First things first: let’s define what a locality is and why it matters in the context of ECDN analytics.

The dictionary definition of a locality is “the position or site of something.” At Kollective, we define it as a method for managing traffic within an existing network. We do this by controlling peering during a live or on-demand event in accordance with the physical location of machines, regardless of whether they operate off an internal or external IP address.

Here’s an example of how it can work.

Let’s say you're a network administrator in a company with eight global offices, two of which are in Central America and experience regular bandwidth throttling. Rather than exceed network capacity and compromise business critical applications, you can configure your ECDN to prioritize lean content deliveries by capping playback bitrate in those offices.

With Kollective IQ, you can create custom reports for each locality and share the information collected by the system, providing your teams with the data they need, when they need it.

Insights to Your Inbox: Threshold-Based Alerting

With so much going on and so many tasks to manage, it can be hard to track the progress of your goals. Not anymore. With Kollective IQ, you can easily set up and automate alerts to let you and your colleagues know when certain KPI thresholds have been reached.

  • Want to be alerted when you achieve an excellent Quality of Experience (QoE) score during a monthly CEO Town Hall meeting?
  • Need to know when you are saving 90% or more of bandwidth when releasing the latest Windows 10 update?
  • Want an update when your broadcast event has reached all 2,000 of your first-line healthcare employees?

Setting up alerts in Kollective IQ is easy and gets you the data you need, when you need it.

Easily Import Data from Kollective IQ into Power BI

As cloud-based applications become more popular throughout the enterprise, controlling SaaS sprawl has become a common conversation among IT teams – especially when it comes to reporting and data silos. At Kollective, we recognize how important it is for our technology to play nicely with business intelligence platforms like Microsoft’s Power BI and we’ve made it easier than ever to push data into third-party systems.

In less than five minutes, you can automate reporting from Kollective IQ into Power BI using Webhook or Amazon S3.

Trial Kollective IQ

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